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Set Fundraising Goals

Set fundraising goals that are manageable and that can be met in the amount of time you have set for your fundraiser. Find out how much money you need to raise and how much time you have to raise it.

Use a chart to track your fundraising goals. Many fundraising programs use a thermometer to see how well their fundraisers are performing. This is a good way to visualize how your fundraiser is doing. It is also a nice way to encourage volunteers to work harder and to encourage others to participate.

Plan Ahead

Start by letting others know about your fundraiser. Get the word out! You can get more volunteers if you let people know ahead of time that you are planning to raise funds for your group or organization.

Make sure you know when your fundraiser is going to start and then when your fundraiser is scheduled to end. Plan ahead and provide enough time for your group to raise the amount of funds it needs.

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